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2019 Risk-adjusted Bernoulli chart in multi-stage healthcare processes based on state-space model, Computers & Industrial Engineering

2019 Fuzzy c-means clustering using asymmetric loss function, Journal of Statistical Theory and Applications

2019 A Pitman measure of similarity in k-means for clustering heavy-tailed data, Communications in Statistics

2019 On the use of the sub-Gaussian alpha-stable distribution in the cluster-weighted models, IJSTS

2019 The LINEX weighted k-means clusteringJournal of Statistical Theory and Applications

2019 A modified two-sample t-test based on permutation method for large-scale data, Communications in Statistics

2018 Detecting medical prescriptions suspected of fraudDARU Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences

2018 Principle component analysis based on new symmetric similarity measures for heavy-tailed data, Fluctuation and Noise Letters

2018 KC-Means: A fast fuzzy clustering, Advances in Fuzzy Systems

2018 A modified F-test for hypothesis testing in large-scale data, Journal of Biopharmaceutical Statistics

2018 Finite population Bayesian bootstrapping in high dimension classification, Intelligent Data Analysis

2018 Parameter estimation using EM algorithm for symmetric stable distributions, Journal of Statistical Theory and Applications

2018 Hierarchical clustering of heavy-tailed data using a new similarity measure, Intelligent Data Analysis

2018 LINEX k-means: Clustering by an asymmetric dissimilarity measure, Journal of Statistical Theory and Applications

2017 Best unbiased prediction of order statistics in stable distributions, Communications in Statistics

2017 U-Statistic for multivariate stable distributions, Journal of Probability and Statistics

2017 EM algorithm for symmetric stable mixture model, Communications in Statistics

2017 Square roots of 3×3 matrices, Calcolo

2017 Best linear unbiased interpolation of order statistics, Communications in Statistics

2016 Confidence intervals for the scale parameter of exponential family of distributions, The American Statistician

2016 On the prediction of stable time series, Fluctuation and Noise Letters

2015 On the best linear prediction of linear processes,  Journal of Applied Functional Analysis

2015 Generalizations of some probability inequalities and Lp convergence of random variables,  Brazilian Journal of Prob. and Stat.

2015 Entropy-based goodness-of-fit test for positive stable law, Bayesian Inference and Maximum Entropy

2015 On estimating the tail index and the spectral measure of multivariate stable distributions,  Metrika

2014 Estimating the parameters of an α-stable distribution using the existence of moments of order statistics, Statistics & Probability Letters

2014 Analysis of dependency structure of default processes based on Bayesian copula, Journal of the Iranian Statistical Society

2013 Truncated-exponential skew-symmetric distributions, Statistics: A Journal of Theoretical and Applied Statistics

2013 Generalizations of the Chebyshev-type inequality for Choquet-like expectation, Information Sciences

2013 Parametric independent component analysis for stable distributions, Artificial Intelligence Research

2013 A random projection approach for estimation of the betweenness centrality measure, Intelligent Data Analysis

2013 Useful tools for non-linear systems: Several non-linear integral inequalities, Knowledge-Based Systems

2013 On a strong law of large numbers for monotone measures, Statistics & Probability Letters

2013 Predictive tools in data mining and k-means clustering: Universal Inequalities, Results in Mathematics

2013 Parametric empirical Bayes test and its application to selection of wavelet threshold, Journal of Statistical Research of Iran

2012 On the expected absolute value of a bivariate normal distribution, Journal of Statistical Theory and Applications

2012 Liapunov-type inequality for universal integral, International Journal of Intelligent Systems

2012 A generalization of the Chebyshev type inequalities for Sugeno integrals, Soft Computing

2012 On non-additive probabilistic inequalities of Hölder-type, Results in Mathematics

2011 Extremes of a bivariate Pareto distribution, Information Technology and Control

2011 Bayesian inference for skewed stable distributions, Bayesian Inference and Maximum Entropy Methods in Science and Engineering

2010 Sub-independence of stable random variables, Journal of Statistical Theory and Applications

2010 Very skewed Cauchy distribution: A new heavy tail member of exponential family, Amirkabir Journal of Science & Research

2009 Best linear prediction for α-stable random processes, Statistics & Probability Letters

2009 A simulation method for log-fractional stable motion, Fractals

2008 A survey on simulating stable random variables, Journal of Statistical Research of Iran

2006 Inference with the median of a prior, Entropy

2006 An alternative approach to the parametric empirical Bayes selection of wavelet thresholding, Bayesian Inference and Maximum Entropy

2006 On Neyman-Pearson lemma for crisp, random and fuzzy hypotheses, Advances in Intelligent and Soft Computing

2006 A randomness test for stable data, Journal of Statistical Research of Iran

2005 An approach to prior selection, Bayesian Inference and Maximum Entropy Methods in Science and Engineering

2005 On classical, fuzzy and Bayesian hypothesis testing, Bayesian Inference and Maximum Entropy Methods in Science and Engineering

2005 Using fuzzy knowledge of a nuisance parameter for hypothesis testing, Iranian Journal of Science and Technology

2004 On simulating exchangeable sub-Gaussian random vectors, Statistics & Probability Letters

2004 An alternative inference tool to total probability formula and its applications, Bayesian Inference and Maximum Entropy Methods

2004 Application of Bayes estimation for testing exchangeable normal parameters, Bayesian Inference and Maximum Entropy Methods

2004 On the estimation of a parameter with incomplete knowledge on a nuisance parameter, Bayesian Inference and Maximum Entropy Methods

2004 Bayesian segmentation of hyperspectral images, Bayesian Inference and Maximum Entropy Methods in Science and Engineering

2000 Exchangeable stable random vectors and their simulations, Computational Statistics

2000 Hypothesis testing for an exchangeable normal distributionJournal of Sciences, Islamic Republic of Iran

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